China's Hainan is further upgraded, and plastic molding is prohibited.

publisher: Spuntree
Time: 2019-08-23
Summary: The use of plastics in Hainan has been further restricted, and the ban on plastics has been issued and is being implemented.
 China's Hainan is further upgraded, and plastic molding is prohibited.
The non-degradable plastic bag is called "the worst invention of humans in the 20th century". It brings convenience to human beings and also causes great harm to the environment. These plastics are randomly discarded in various corners after use. It brings harm to the laws of nature and animals in nature.
Recently, Hainansheng of China issued an announcement announcing that Hainan has gradually promoted comprehensive bans from this year. From plastic limiting to banned plastics, it can be seen that people's awareness of environmental protection needs to be further enhanced. The country is also actively working to improve the environment. After the plastic cup is limited, people need to use degradable items to make up for the previous plastic gap.
Therefore, new types of biodegradable products are slowly entering the market. Paper straws are also in operation. The daily consumption of straws by humans is huge, far exceeding the amount of plastic bags. Paper straws can be used below 60 degrees Celsius, can be kept in water for 8 hours without spreading, and broken jade improves the environment. The meaning.

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