Looking at China from the military parade

publisher: Spuntree
Time: 2019-10-07
Summary: Looking at China from the military parade
Looking at China from the military parade
Today's National Day is coming to an end. I don't know if foreign friends have watched our military parade. Today, Spuntree takes everyone to review our Chinese military parade.

On October 1st, we held a grand military parade in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China. The military parade attended many national leaders, and Xi Jinping delivered an important speech on Tiananmen Square. Like all the Chinese people, I gathered early in the square of Wuxi and watched our military parade with a group of people. This is undoubtedly the best embodiment of China's 70 years of development. On the military parade, we saw a lot of different functions of the arms, they are undoubtedly the best embodiment of China's modernization, information, and joint operations. These officers and men are protecting our national security in their own positions, but they are ordinary but great. In terms of combat weapons, our military parade shows China’s advanced combat weapons. These undoubtedly show that our China has been a powerful force in recent years. We are keeping up with the trend of technology, continuous innovation, and striving to keep up with the pace of the world.

Here are some pictures of our military parade. Let’s review this unforgettable military parade with everyone.

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