What is the nutritional value and use of wheat straws?

publisher: Spuntree
Time: 2019-10-09
Summary: What is the nutritional value and use of wheat straws?
What is the nutritional value and use of wheat straws?
As a common grain, wheat contains starch and fat similar to glutinous rice, but its protein content is much higher than that of glutinous rice. Wheat is the most abundant in vitamin E. The use of wheat in life is often milled into flour, made into pasta or bread, and the like. It tastes strong and is loved by people. Wheat straw also has many industrial uses. It can be used to weave a variety of small pendants, futons, baskets and other items. We have another way to turn the straw of wheat into a straw through a series of treatments. The straw itself is a naturally formed straw shape with a unique taste. Unlike any straw, it has good heat resistance and good toughness. It is not easy to soften after soaking in water, and does not affect the taste of the beverage. On the contrary, his unique malt aroma will taste better, especially for wine, and the taste is very good. After use, he will naturally degrade naturally in a natural environment without causing pollution and harm to the environment. His raw materials are also derived from the reuse of wheat straw, which achieves environmental protection and he also has natural nutritional value. It is now a good choice for many countries to use plastic paper part-time. The price is cheap and the quality is good. Feel free to contact us, we can provide you with free samples to keep your order safe.

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