So much environmental protection, which one is best for you?

publisher: Spuntree
Time: 2019-10-16
Summary: Paper straws、wheat straw、stainless steel straw、glass straws、bamboo straws、PLA straws,which one is best for you?
So much environmental protection, which one is best for you?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the straws on the market now, and want to know which one is more suitable for you? Today, we have compiled a comparison of the more popular environmentally friendly straws on the market.



Glass straws



Not wet








Bar friendly



























Inner diameter customization



In general, the price of wheat straws will be higher. Wheat straws are cheap and durable. The paper straw must be a good plastic straw. Because he does not return pollution to the environment, he can also customize the pattern. They are not suitable for drinking hot drinks. However, the safety of plastic straws on raw materials is lower than that of paper straws. At the price, the paper straw will be a little more expensive than the plastic straw, because its production cost will be higher than that of plastic, and the paper straw is more suitable for the plastic-free country, which is safer for human health. The other three reusable paper suction halls, the price is high, there are some security risks. Before a foreign news report, the stainless steel straw accidentally fell and hurt his own. Security may require our attention. The price will of course be more expensive than an ordinary disposable straw.

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