Paper straws do not burden the forest!

publisher: Spuntree
Time: 2019-11-20
Summary: Paper straws do not burden the forest!
Paper straws do not burden the forest
Recently, because Starbucks started to use paper straws in the industry to spread on major websites, many well-known beverage stores have quietly changed themselves to become more environmentally friendly, not only from plastics to the use of paper cups, but also From the consumption of huge items such as straws, the average annual consumption of straws in a country reaches hundreds of millions. It is conceivable how laborious such a large amount of plastics are handled. Waste disposal is a must for every country. The problem faced by a country every day is very huge, and the recycling of garbage is particularly important. Plastic is one of the most difficult garbage in the world, and its degradation time is very long. So many countries are beginning to ban plastics. The straws made of paper straws are environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Many people will ask if they will cause harm to the forest. In fact, it is not because in China, the recycling of paper is very Generally speaking, these waste papers have been processed to meet the daily needs of people and will not be on the forest ring. A burden.

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