It’s time to say goodbye to “plastic disposable tableware”

publisher: Spuntree
Time: 2019-11-22
Summary: It’s time to say goodbye to “plastic disposable tableware”
 It’s time to say goodbye to “plastic disposable tableware”
In real life, whether it is the restaurant or ordering food on the Internet, the restaurant can provide plastic packaging boxes, plastic spoons and other tableware for free. Plastic tableware has become a "standard" for dining, which is the embodiment of the catering industry's continuous improvement of service awareness, and it is also the "convenience-oriented" consumer concept. After the meal, the plastic tableware can be discarded at will, no need to clean, it is convenient. But behind this kind of convenience, it is a huge waste of resources, great ecological damage and environmental pollution. According to statistics, as early as 2013, the number of disposable chopsticks produced in the country exceeded 80 billion pairs per year, which is equivalent to cutting down 20 million trees that have been growing for 20 years. Due to the poor recycling channels of renewable resources, they Most of them eventually become domestic garbage, which brings a heavy load to the treatment of urban domestic garbage. The legislation calls for the sale of free disposable chopsticks and plastic spoons, which helps to reduce the use of disposable tableware by consumers, meets the requirements of low-carbon environmental protection and green living, and is also in line with the spirit of ecological civilization.

It can be imagined that it is inevitable that it will bring some inconvenience to consumption by stopping the sale of free disposable tableware. However, from the perspective of life needs, disposable chopsticks, plastic spoons, etc. are not essential. Takeaway regular customers can bring their own set of recyclable tableware, which is safe and hygienic and not too much trouble. For those who don't often take out the food and are not convenient to carry the cutlery at any time, it doesn't mean that you have to pay extra for the disposable tableware. Nowadays, the degradable bagasse lunch box has become a new trend, which can be degraded. The use of bagasse as a raw material will not cause harm to the environment, and it is also a waste recycling.

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