Plant drinking straws for milk tea

publisher: Spuntree
Time: 2019-11-26
Summary: Plant drinking straws for milk tea
Plant drinking straws for milk tea

Everyone guesses what this straw is made of. Maybe many people don't know it very much. Its name is reed, which is a plant. Growing in a humid place. Its hardness is very high. In China, when it was still green, its leaves were used by people to make dumplings. Wait until autumn and winter, it will turn gray, the reed rod will become very hard, it is suitable for making straws, and its diameter is relatively large, usually 5-8mm. There are many bamboo straws on the market now, and the price is very expensive, but reeds and bamboo have similar characteristics, but the price of reed straws is half that of bamboo straws, and the surface is smoother than bamboo straws. Not easy to be dyed by colored liquids, can be recycled, natural plants as raw materials, safe and environmentally friendly, how about, do you want to try it?

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