What can a reed rod do?

publisher: Spuntree
Time: 2019-11-28
Summary: What can a reed rod do? The netizen Jing Jing has a big brain, his creativity is too great!
What can a reed rod do?

I suddenly remembered that the guerrillas used reed rods as ventilation tubes in the movie, and I wondered if they could make straws into straws. After many inspections, I found that not only reed rods can be straws, but the length can be cut at will. Botanical fragrance is a great alternative to plastic straws. The production process is also very simple. Of course, I am more personal. If it is mass-produced, it can be replaced by a small table saw, which will greatly improve the efficiency. In addition, reeds can be grown as long as there is water, and they can be planted in three years and renewed every year. The economic benefits are obvious, the management is easy, and the reeds are also one of the beautiful landscape plants! There are large reeds growing in Weizhou River, Mianman River Basin, and Gantao River Basin in Jingjing. I suggest that everyone in Jingxing, every coffee shop, tea shop, if you want to use a straw, take a wallpaper knife, and make a straw near the river to jointly maintain our beautiful home in Jingxing!

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