How is reed straw made?

Time: 2019-12-10
Summary: How is reed straw made?
How is a reed straw made?
Many people ask how reed straws are made. Now I will answer the process of making reed straws. First of all, we choose mature high-quality reed straws as raw materials and cut them by manual operation. The length is cut according to customer requirements. The maximum length is 22cm. The caliber is 4-12mm. After that, manual washing and disinfection, high-temperature drying and other steps are used to remove the dirt on the surface of the straw and the inside, and finally manual packaging. The conventional packaging method is opp bag packaging or box packaging. The surface of the straw is smooth, the hardness is high, the price is cheap, the performance is basically similar to that of a bamboo straw, the outer wall is thinner than the bamboo straw, and the practicality is strong. For more information about products and prices, please contact us.

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