Customize your exclusive straw

publisher: Spuntree
Time: 2019-12-23
Summary: Customize your exclusive straw
Customize your exclusive straw
Still worried about the safety of your straw? Still worried about the confusion of your straw with others? Don't worry, Spuntree solves this problem for you. Our reed straws support lettering, and you can customize the special straws that belong to you and your brand exclusively. You can choose the packaging method. A must-have item for the holiday season that will surprise you and your family. Bringing health and nature home, our reed straws are made from high-quality reeds from China. They are made through multiple steps of cutting, cleaning, disinfecting and drying, which are safe and reliable. Our customization is to support any text and trademark. As long as you dare to think about it, we can help you achieve it. Our engraving method is laser printing without adding any undesirable components. The customization period is relatively long, Spuntree recommends that you contact us in advance. Ensure timely receipt of products.

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