How to distinguish the quality of wheat straws?

publisher: Spuntree
Time: 2020-01-13
Summary: What is the quality of the hottest wheat straws currently on the market, and how can you tell?
How to distinguish the quality of wheat straws?
How to distinguish the quality of wheat straws?

Recently, due to the increasing popularity of wheat straws, there are many wheat straws of uneven quality on the market. As a pioneer in the production of wheat straws, what issues should we pay attention to when selecting? Here we bring you science.
The first thing we need to look at is the color of wheat straws. High-quality wheat straws are bright in color and will not turn black. There are many black wheat straws on the market that are caused by them. In fact, the black wheat straws are caused by the wheat straws that have not been soaked in saline. It is also the color problem caused by the poor raw materials of these wheat straws. These unpolished wheat ingredients are not drinkable because the surface has a lot of stains and bacteria. Our wheat straws are cut after soaking, and they are dried at high temperature after several disinfection steps. The safety and quality of the products are ensured through the west of Zhejiang, which is controlled by layers.

In addition, in terms of the diameter of the straw, the diameter of our straw is larger than that on the market, and the gap between the diameters is also smaller. Shear cuts are smoother and less cracked.

To summarize, the main points to choose when choosing a wheat straw: color, cracking, and caliber have been cut. Mastering these tips can help you choose products that are of good price and quality. Spuntree reminds my friends that we must be careful in the choice of straws. We must have qualified and qualified manufacturers to buy them. After all, they are in direct contact with the mouth. Poor quality may affect health.

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