Different spring festival in China

Different spring festival in China


By 2020.2.23, 77,041 confirmed cases in China, 556 in South Korea, 126 in Japan, and 634 in cruise ships

Differnt spring festival in China

2020 is a special Spring Festival, an unforgettable Spring Festival, and a touching Spring Festival. When the epidemic in Wuhan began to spread across the country, we were all isolated at home, but there were such a group of people who went to Wuhan, the frontline of the epidemic, without any hesitation. They are our lovely and respectable angels in white. This epidemic is very serious. While treating patients, they must also take care of the layers. In order to save protective clothing, I did not drink water for 8 hours, and also wore urine. In order to save time, many beautiful nurses have shaved that dark beautiful hair; in order to better take care of those infected The masks left dark and red marks on their faces. And how great are the medical staff who died because they were infected! Just like Dr. Li Wenliang, at the age of 34, he was killed by the sick. But they also have parents, they also have wives, and children, but they can't wait for them to go home from work for a reunion dinner.

Although the virus is terrible, we have Academician Zhong Nanshan, brave white soldiers fighting in the front line, and scientists in the field of Chinese medicine who are far away from other countries. When they learned that the epidemic was serious, they rushed to Wuhan. It was they who built walls one after another for us. Everyone is united and united. I believe that China will surely win in this battle without gunpowder. Our angels in white, our medical scientists are busy day and night for this epidemic. We must stay at home and don't mess them up. I believe that in the near future, when the spring flowers bloom, we will go to Wuhan to enjoy the cherry blossoms.