Why is new pneumonia controlled in China, but many developed countries cannot control the outbreak?

publisher: Spuntree
Time: 2020-02-26
Summary: The reason why the virus was under control in China, but started to erupt abroad.
 Why is new pneumonia controlled in China, but many developed countries cannot control the outbreak?

The new coronavirus was discovered in China at the end of January and quickly spread throughout the country. The outbreak began during the Chinese New Year period, and China's huge population has brought huge challenges to virus prevention and control. The virus can infect people when they communicate with each other, which is undoubtedly a terrible thing. The Chinese government issued an announcement as soon as possible and blocked Wuhan, the source of the virus. After the blockade in Wuhan, personnel in other regions did not relax. In less than a week, all parts of the country responded to the national call and banned personnel movement. During the period of large population movement in the new year, the epidemic was quickly brought under control. However, under the condition of stable epidemic control in China, the epidemic in foreign countries has begun to erupt. What is the reason for this?


First, after the outbreak of covid19 in China, other countries did not pay attention to the speed of the virus and did not reduce the flow of people. Second, there are some potential patients who have no previous symptoms and do not have timely isolation. Thirdly, because of festivals, the crowd is more mobile, and they return home after being infected while traveling.

As of today, South Korea has confirmed 1146 patients, 57 in the United States, 861 in Japan, Iran 95, Singapore 90, and China 78190. The epidemic has not been effectively controlled. We once again call on everyone to pay attention to personal protection, wear masks, wash hands frequently, do not go to crowded places, reduce outing, try to use disposable straws to drink water, and pay attention to safety. If you need disposable straws,plese contact us ,we can provide it to you.We believe that the virus will be effectively controlled soon.

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