Facing the virus, China's selfless dedication

publisher: Spuntree
Time: 2020-03-26
Summary: China has helped many countries in the world fight the virus
Facing the virus, China's selfless dedication
The new crown virus is spreading rapidly around the world, with infected people appearing in many countries. The current epidemic situation is most serious in Italy, the United States and other places. However, according to news reports, we can still see the news that some people are not wearing masks.

It took China only a short time to control the virus, low mortality, and low infection rates. These achievements require everyone to cooperate. We hope that the epidemic will end sooner. Try not to go out. You must wear a mask when you go out. An important thing.

Since the outbreak of a foreign epidemic, China has sent medical teams to countries around the world to support it in the event of a shortage of its own supplies. It has not been able to enter the country. It has also publicized its research results and has made tremendous contributions to the world's fight against the virus. The Chinese government has announced assistance to 83 countries, WHO, AU, etc., including medical supplies such as test reagents, masks, etc .; we have provided US $ 20 million to WHO to support its international cooperation in the fight against epidemics; local governments in China , Enterprises and non-governmental organizations have also helped the severely affected countries to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible!

We do not plan any return, we just hope that the world will return to peace as soon as possible and the virus will be defeated as soon as possible. We call on everyone to wear masks and take protective measures when going out. In such a tense situation, everyone should take care of the overall situation. Protect yourself, protect others.

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