Under the epidemic, Spuntree supports your safety

publisher: Spuntree
Time: 2020-03-28
Summary: The virus is still spreading, be alert, do n’t go out, it ’s safest at home
 Under the epidemic, Spuntree supports your safety
As the epidemic spreads around the world, many people are harmed by the virus. At this time, we should be on the same line in dealing with the virus. Spuntree, as an enterprise producing environmentally-friendly straws, although it can't make a great contribution, hopes that it can contribute to fighting the virus.

Many foreign friends do not wear masks yet. We urge everyone to wear masks. The epidemic is developing very fast. We must protect ourselves and protect others from causing more trouble than necessary. Maybe everyone can bring masks. Here, Spuntree can help you purchase from Chinese factories and solve your needs. We do not charge any fees. We only need to purchase mask costs and shipping costs, and we are obliged to help you purchase. As an ordinary company, we want to do our part to help people in need. At this moment, we are friends and family. Don't worry, the epidemic will end soon, self-isolation, and not going out is the biggest protection for yourself. As we have experienced this, this approach is effective. The prevention and control of viruses requires everyone's cooperation. If they cooperate well, they can end soon. If they don't cooperate, they will only have more serious consequences.

At present, we can see from the news that many countries have not adopted very tough prevention and control measures. They are still dreaming that the virus can disappear by themselves, but as a result, more people are infected. We have seen a lot of sad news, Italy does not use ventilators for people over 65 years old, the lack of supplies of the governor of New York and so on. 2020 is a heartbreaking year. Many people have lost their loved ones because of the virus. Various countries must pay attention to it. Disasters of an era are a heavy mountain in a family.

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