The number of diagnoses exceeds 400,000, and the number of deaths ranks third in the world.

publisher: Spuntree
Time: 2020-04-10
Summary: The number of confirmed US viral infections has exceeded 450,000, and the number of deaths has risen

The number of diagnoses exceeds 400,000, and the number of deaths ranks third in the world.

According to a report by China Economic Net, the cumulative number of diagnoses in the United States has exceeded 400,000 cases. The number of deaths has also increased with the increase in the number of diagnoses. As of now, the number of deaths in the United States has exceeded 12,000, ranking third in the world.


The US media has begun to worry about the prospects of an outbreak that is urgent and continuing, especially for the growing number of deaths. Some US media issued a document saying that if the incubation period of the next stage cannot be effectively controlled, then the 100,000 body wraps prepared by the US government for the epidemic may not be enough.


At present, the most prevalent area in the United States is New York State. The state government has repeatedly tried to force intervention since the outbreak, especially to control the lives of residents. However, the strong obstruction of the federal government prevented many policies from being implemented at the grass-roots level, and a large number of residents still gathered as usual during the outbreak, thus increasing the spread of the plague.


Now that the epidemic is out of control, the New York State government plans to use the city
s park as a mortuary in addition to requisitioning school dormitories and all hotel rooms in order to place the remains and isolate patients. Many U.S. netizens confirmed that the army that had previously entered the streets of New York State used trucks to continuously transport the bodies out of the city every night.


This shows that the American society has reached a point where the nerves are very tense. Although the number of diagnoses is less than 400,000 at this stage, this number will not only exceed in the near future, but may continue to other state-level regions. If this situation really happens by then, then American society will not only consider closing the city, but also need to strictly restrict and check the entry and exit of the country, otherwise it will directly affect the epidemic control of other countries.

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