Environmental protection or will become the future trend

publisher: Spuntree
Time: 2020-04-11
Summary: Lost hope in life can arouse people's attention to environmental protection
Environmental protection or will become the future trend
In the epidemic that came in, we lost a lot of lives. In this silent battle, regardless of their age and occupation, they ended their short journey in their long lives. We may be sad, unjust and sorry for them. But we need to realize how important environmental protection is for people.

Environmental protection is not only for the environment, but also for animals, flowers and trees, every life has a value of existence. Before, we often saw garbage appearing in oceans, forests, and land, and some of them were plastic products, and they appeared in all corners. They could not degrade in a short time in nature, damage the environment, and even were eaten by animals. life. Those creatures in the ocean will be wrapped in plastic bags, unable to move and breathe. The damage caused by plastic to nature is incalculable. After the outbreak, people found signs of the virus in wild animals. Eating wild animals will make people easily infected with viruses carried by animals and enter the human body. Delicious food has never been done at the cost of harming lives and destroying the ecology. I hope that the loss of these lives will give people warning and environmental protection will no longer be empty talk.

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