Paper also likes attractive straws

publisher: Spuntree
Time: 2020-04-23
Summary: Straw static experiment
Paper also likes attractive straws
I believe everyone has heard of triboelectricity. This phenomenon is often seen in our daily lives. Today Xiao An will come with you to feel the small experiment of frictional electrification around us. The experiment is very simple, you can also do it yourself.

1. Material preparation: towels, paper towels, straws

2. Experimental procedure

1. Tear off a few small pieces of paper from the paper towel.

2. Rub 15-20 times with a straw on the towel.

3. Close the shredded paper with the rubbed straw, and found that the paper was sucked up.

3. Experimental principle: When two objects rub against each other, because the atomic nuclei of different objects have different ability to bind the extra-nuclear electrons, one of the objects must lose some electrons, and the other object gets extra electrons, which makes the objects charged. In other words, triboelectric charge is the transfer of electrons. A small piece of paper can be sucked up with a powered straw.

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