Canada issued a "plastic ban" will ban plastic straws in 2020

publisher: Spuntree
Time: 2020-04-28
Summary: Canada will implement a plastic ban and no longer use plastic straws
Canada issued a "plastic ban" will ban plastic straws in 2020
The Vancouver City Council of Canada voted to ban plastic straws from April 2020 and plastic bags from New Year's Day 2021. This is the first Canadian city to implement such a wide plastic ban.

According to Reuters reports, Vancouver's move is in response to many countries' efforts to reduce plastic pollution in order to reduce the use of plastic bags and other disposable plastic products. Montreal, another big city in Canada, has banned certain types of plastic bags in 2018.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau announced in June 2019 that he planned to ban certain disposable plastic products such as straws, plastic bags and plastic tableware in early 2021.

Vancouver City Government said that plastic bags and straws each accounted for 3% of the local beach garbage each year. According to a study commissioned by the government in early 2019, nearly 90% of plastic products in Canada were eventually buried or flowed into the environment.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) pointed out that after the implementation of the plastic bag ban, merchants can instead provide paper bags. In the first year, each paper bag costs 15 cents (about RMB 8 cents), and then it will increase to 25 cents per paper bag (RMB 1.3 yuan).

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