Are paper straws better?

publisher: Spuntree
Time: 2020-07-01
Summary: Are paper straws better?
Are paper straws better?
More and more plastic products are restricted, from plastic bags to plastic straws, many people are wondering whether paper straws are good or not, because now many well-known restaurants are using paper straws, including Starbucks, McDonalds and so on.

First of all, paper straws are better than plastic straws in environmental protection, because the degradation of plastic takes a very long time, and the degradation rate of paper is very fast. Plastic will cause pollution to the environment, while paper will not. So in terms of environmental protection, paper straws are very good. Secondly, there are more types of paper straws than plastic straws. Paper straws can be customized with a variety of patterns on the straw. It will not be single, and personalized customization can be achieved in the design of straws. The style of plastic straws is relatively simple. In addition, paper straws can also be made into oblique mouths, the hardness is also very high, will not easily soften in water. What straws on the market may be due to the material causes poor quality, soaked in water for a short time will become soft and even fade. Our straws will not have this problem, so when choosing, we must choose a guaranteed manufacturer to avoid losses.

Seeing this, what do you think of paper straws? Do you think paper straws are good?

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